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Step By Steps

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Step By Steps
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Get the Job Done with Action Binder Clips

You’ll know exactly how to tackle your tasks with these helpful binder clips.

Organize Your Files with Colored Labels

Make documents easy to find with a color-coded filing system.

Create an Efficient Filing System with Color Coded Dots

Color makes it easy to identify files and call attention to important documents.

Organize Electronic Files with CD Labels

Store backup files on labeled CDs.

Organizing Big Projects

With the right tools, it's simple to keep projects neat and organized, without spending lots of time.

Store Folders & Labels in Your Briefcase

Turn your briefcase into a portable file drawer.

Create Binder Tabs with Index Maker® Clear Label Dividers

Create custom printed divider tabs quickly and easily.

Get Organized with Dividers

Tired of chaos? Achieve order with these.

Create a Color-Coded or Chronological Filing System

These labels make it fast and easy to file, store and recognize files.

Color Coded Dots and Labels Get Attention

Make those important documents get the attention they deserve.

1 - 10 out of 14 Results | Page: 1 2 >