Double-Column Ready Index Dividers
Two Columns Are Better Than One
Anyone who’s ever had to organize lots of binder sections for a really big project binder or training manual is about to be doubly rewarded! Introducing Avery Double-Column Ready Index Dividers.

What are they good for? Hefty binder projects. Things like training manuals, employee handbooks, large project binders or historical records are just a few examples. Double-Column Ready Index Dividers were created for any big project that you want to look organized and professional.

Why will you love them? Because you won’t have to use several different sets of mismatched dividers within one binder again. And you won’t have to break a single project up into several smaller binders.

Avery Double-Column Ready Index Dividers has a Table of Contents page that has two columns, giving you more space to print your section titles. And there are two layers of divider tabs that are easy to view and access. Plus these dividers have added durability to hold up against heavy use—perfect to pair with Avery Heavy Duty Binders.

Formatting and printing your Table of Contents page is simple with the new Quick-Fill templates for Microsoft® Word. Just follow the template to enter your section titles, and you can even add pictures or graphics to your Table of Contents too.

So next time you have a big project and need to organize a lot of information, save yourself a big headache. Check out Avery Double-Column Ready Index Dividers and Avery Heavy Duty Binders.