Three Ways to Make a World of Difference
Three Ways to Make a World of Difference
Finding ways to take better care of the environment doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, every move you make to be more eco-conscious is a step in the right direction. We’ll show you how you can make good on going greener with these simple tips.

Tip #1: Greening your office

Did you know many of your everyday office products are available in an environmentally friendly alternative? It’s easy to go green at work by choosing biodegradable and water-based cleaners and solvents, recycled copy paper and other products such as Avery EcoFriendly Labels. Our EcoFriendly Address Labels, Shipping Labels, File Folder Labels and Name Badges not only contain label paper and packaging made of 100% recycled material, they’re also printed using soy- and vegetable-based inks derived from renewable materials. When you’re done, the label paper and package are also paper recyclable. And with our environmentally friendly line of products, from PVC-free binders to EcoFriendly Labels, you can count on the same high Avery quality while reducing your impact on the environment.

Tip #2: Contributing to the recycling effort

Recycling helps reduce the consumption of raw materials, and also helps reduce air and water pollution. By using products that can be recycled afterwards, it makes it easier to take better care of the environment. Take the Avery Recyclable Binder, made of 100% recycled chipboard. When you’re ready to recycle, the binder’s removable rivets and rings make it easy to disassemble so the binder cover can be placed into the paper recycling bin and the binder rings can be placed in the metal recycling bin*.

Tip #3: Reusing existing materials

A great way to cut down on waste is by using what you already have. For instance, instead of throwing away old file folders and purchasing new ones, why not extend the life of your existing file folders? You can restore your current folders by re-labeling them with Avery File Folder Labels with TrueBlock Technology. Just place these labels over existing labels or markings and completely cover up what’s underneath. Your folders will look clean, professional and practically good as new.

By integrating greener choices into your lifestyle, it’s even easier to do your part to be more environmentally responsible. Keep these tips in mind, and you can help make a difference for the future of our planet.

* Steel recycling may not be available in your area. Please check with your local recycling center or go to to find a steel recycling center near you.