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Simple Organization Solutions
Keeping your workplace organized is no small feat. Sometimes items go missing, or files get misplaced. And if you don’t stay on top of things day after day, your workplace can go from clean to chaotic real fast.

Avery has the labeling and organizing tools you need to get your workplace neat and orderly—and stay that way. And, when your workplace is in order, it can help you work more efficiently. It’s easy to get started, too. Here’s how:

Label It

Inevitably, things go missing. Items get borrowed, misplaced and then forgotten. But there's a simple trick to remind everyone to put things back where they belong. Label it! Avery I.D. Labels come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you can find the label that’s just right, no matter what the item. Formatting is quick and easy using Avery Design & Print Online at, and you’ll be up and running with your new I.D. labels in just a few minutes.

- Avery Permanent I.D. Labels – archival safe and acid free. Use for your office tools (staplers and scissors), supplies (first-aid kits), and archival-safe storage boxes.

- Avery Removable I.D. Labels – guaranteed to stick, stay and remove cleanly. Use for temporary needs such as routing slips on documents and reports.

Organize It

Paperwork has a tendency to build up. They pile up on your desk, end up in different file folders and even clutter your cube walls. What do you do when things run amok? Organize it! Keep all your important paperwork together using Avery binders, dividers and sheet protectors for easy reference. And with free pre-designed templates available at the Image Gallery, you can give your organizing system a professional and coordinated look in a snap.

- Avery Heavy Duty EZD™ View Binders are constructed of non-stick material, and feature rings that can hold 50% more capacity than the same size round ring.

- Avery Ready Index® Translucent Table of Contents Dividers are made of durable plastic to give your reference materials such as manuals and training handbooks a professional look.

- Avery Snap-In Sheet Protectors are just what you need to protect documents you refer to often, such as a phone list. Special notches on the sheet protector allow you to take it out of the binder without having to open the binder rings.

Now that your system is set up, all you need to do is check up on it on a regular basis. Be sure to keep your labels updated, and don’t overstuff your binders. You can use multiple binders for large jobs, such as filing invoices alphabetically. Once you’ve established your organization system it’ll be easier to maintain, and ultimately help you work more efficiently.