Secret Weapons for the Workplace

Have you ever had days like this: you walk into the office and — wham! — you’re hit with a million different requests before you even get around to your morning coffee. Looks like it’s time to whip out some secret weapons to conquer whatever comes your way. Here’s the lineup:

The time-saving mailing technique
Got a large mailing project that needs to get out the door, pronto?
Secret weapon: Armed with your mailing list database and address labels, it’s simple to get the job done in no time. Just use our free Avery Design & Print Online. Choose your product, pick a design, then select “Import Data (Mail Merge)” from the left navigation and follow the step-by- step instructions. If you don't have a spreadsheet with all of your names and addresses, you can start with our pre-formatted files for Microsoft® Excel.

The divide and deliver tactic
Need to organize a bunch of meeting binders but don’t have time to order custom dividers from a printshop?
Secret weapon: Put together organized reports, presentations and office manuals in a jiffy with Avery Index Maker® Clear Label Dividers. Just customize, print and apply all your labels onto the dividers at once with the Easy Apply label strips. The clear labels virtually disappear onto the surface, giving your dividers a neat, professional look in minutes.

The birthday recovery maneuver
You just remembered it’s a co-worker’s birthday. Do you slink off to the stationery store to buy a last-minute card?
Secret weapon: Keep a supply of Avery Greeting Cards handy so you can create personalized cards at a moment’s notice using Design & Print Online. Then slip the card in a folder with a routing slip so everyone gets a chance to express their best wishes.

The printshop-in-a-pinch strategy
Someone at work needs business cards for a client meeting, today! What do you do?
Secret weapon: When a business card emergency strikes, turn to printable Avery Clean Edge® Business Cards. Instead of the printshop that can take days to fulfill an order or charges extra for a rush job, you can create professional business cards from your own computer with Design & Print Online.

When workplace requests come at you in a flurry, count on these weapons to help you triumph over office tasks and overthrow disorganization. With us on your side, you’ll soon discover you have an arsenal of tricks to get the job done.