Binder Ring Comparison
Rethink Round
The world revolves around things that are circular—like the orbiting planets, the wheels on your car and the face of a clock. If you’ve ever taken a close look at a binder, you’ll typically notice the round rings that hold the pages inside. We’ve always counted on these rings to hold our paperwork inside our binders. But sometimes you can improve on things that are round. Avery has taken the traditional binder ring and made it better, with binders that feature EZ-Turn™ rings and One-Touch™ EZD™ rings.

Avery Durable Binders feature patented EZ-Turn™ rings. Rather than being round, the rings have a unique shape that ensures pages lay flat and turn more smoothly than standard round rings. You won’t have to worry about struggling with gaps, paper jams or tears. The new ring shape also holds 36% more paper than a regular same-size round ring binder. It all adds up to a binder that can hold more paper and is easier to use.

If you’ve ever had your fingers trapped in a binder ring as you struggle to open and close them, you’ll appreciate Avery Heavy Duty Binders, which feature the One-Touch™ EZD™ rings. In addition to being strong and durable, these rings open and close with just the touch of a finger. These rings enable your pages to turn more smoothly and stay more secure, even with heavy usage. The EZD shape also enables your binder to hold up to 50% more paper than the same-size round rings.

Get the edge over traditional round-ring binders with an Avery Durable Binder or Avery Heavy Duty Binder. With innovative ring designs that are easy to use, hold more paper and are built to last, you may never think of going back to round again.