Refresh Your Resolutions to Get Organized

Remember those New Year’s resolutions you made to keep your workspace better organized? If those good intentions have fallen by the wayside, don’t give up just yet. It’s time to dust off your desktop and try again. Check out these mid-year resolutions to get you back on track to a clutter-free year.

Freshen up your files

Looking at old, out-of-date file folder labels can make you feel frustrated or discouraged. Why not give them a quick organization makeover without the big hassle? Instead of using brand new folders to refresh your files, you can update existing folders in a snap with Avery File Folder Labels with TrueBlock Technology. Create easy-to-read, custom label descriptions in seconds with free Avery Design & Print Online, then place these labels over the old labels or markings. The labels cover up everything underneath for a clean, professional appearance.

Clear the cord confusion

When you’ve got USB cables, Internet cables, and keyboard and mouse cords running loose behind your desk, it makes it tricky to identify which cord is which. Keep your cords nice and neat with labels to keep them organized. You can create custom labels with Avery Easy Peel® Labels and Design & Print Online. Add the name of the item to two opposite edges of each label, and print. Then wrap each label around each cord so the name is easy to read whether the label faces the front or back.

Sort out the supplies

Nothing clutters up a desktop faster than miscellaneous office supplies scattered about. Seriously—do you really need all those pens and pencils? One way to reduce this type of clutter is to keep items that are the most important and most often used, and place them in a drawer (or for pens and pencils, in a cup) so it’s tucked away but still within easy reach. If you work with others, you might also consider keeping everybody’s less commonly-used supplies together in a shared area for the whole group to use.

To keep shared supplies from being misplaced, just add an Avery I.D. Label to each item with the location of where it belongs printed on it. For example, an often-used stapler can be labeled “printer area” or “supply cabinet.” That way, anyone who borrows the item will know where it should be returned.

Digitize your documents

Got a hodgepodge of brochures, business cards and other odds and ends but not sure where to put them? Consider storing them digitally in your computer. Consider keeping your computer organized as you would a filing cabinet. Scan your documents to create an electronic copy, then save and “file” them on your hard drive.

If you prefer storing your miscellaneous documents offline, consider keeping them in a convenient Avery Heavy-Duty Binder. Place your hard copies safe inside using Avery Sheet Protectors. For easy reference, Avery Ready Index® Dividers can help you keep your information organized in a snap. They’re also Three Ways Stronger to Last Longer with stronger, heavier paper, added tab reinforcement and double-sided hold reinforcement on tabbed dividers for added durability.

It’s not too late to resolve to get organized this year. As long as you make the effort, you’re on the right track. Before you know it, you’ll be conquering clutter and keeping those effective organization habits for good.