Mobile Office
Must-have Tools for the Mobile Office
When work has you on the go, you need to pack light and take only what you need. Here’s the trick—being just as organized when you travel as you are in the office. We’ll show you how to take your everyday office supplies and turn them into portable essentials that won’t load you down when you’re on the road.

The minimalist file

“Bulky” works for weightlifters, not mobile professionals. Rather than carrying entire file folders with you, take only the documents you need. Make a mobile file with a single manila folder and organize your paperwork with Avery Index Maker® Clear Label Dividers. Customize your tabs with Avery Design & Print Online, and print clear labels that virtually disappear when applied for a neat, professional look. (And if you decide to transfer your documents into a binder later on, you’ll be ahead of the game with dividers already in place.)

Shipping stress savers

Shipping meeting materials or presentation supplies helps cut down on expensive baggage fees and the burden of lugging items back and forth. Now here’s how to make shipping a cinch when you’re away from the office—pre-print addresses onto Avery Shipping Labels with TrueBlock® Technology and take a few with you. TrueBlock® labels completely cover up what’s underneath, from old labels to distracting markings. Just apply the new labels over the old shipping labels and reuse your original boxes to ship items back to the office, or to their next destination.

Meet and greet style

Hosting a meeting? Start it off right by making a great impression. With Avery Adhesive Name Badges, you can create custom name badges so introductions are easier—and look more professional. Made of soft and flexible material designed to move with clothing, name badges stick firmly and won’t fall off, lift or curl. Just print your name badges before you leave the office and take the sheets with you. Or, with the unique Peel-Away Design, you can separate the name badges easily from the printed sheet, keeping the backing intact on each name badge until ready to use—making them easy to sort, distribute or use as meeting place settings.

Materials on demand

Being prepared is key when you’re working offsite. So when you’ve got a last-minute change to your presentation materials or need to update your business cards, turn to Avery online 24/7 for your business needs. You’ll find free Avery Templates available at to help you format and print the supplies you need. And with Avery Design & Print Online, you can create and save your template designs, then print them anywhere with Internet access.  

You don’t have to sacrifice organization when you’re working on the go. For effortless mobility, these office essentials can help you streamline your work tools, stay organized and look professional when you take the show on the road.