Removable Filing Labels
Make a Quick Change with Removable Labels
Nothing stays the same, not even your file folders. So when your projects evolve and the original file names no longer describe the contents of the file, something’s gotta give. Rather than replacing your old folders with new ones, why not update the file folder labels instead? Avery Removable Filing Labels are proven to stick and stay where you want them, yet they remove easily when you need to change or revise them. And with free Avery Templates, creating new labels is just a few clicks away. Now it’s easy to update your files so you can stay current and find exactly what you need—without wasting any folders or your time.

Where there’s a need, there’s a filing label. In addition to Avery Removable Filing Labels, consider:

- Avery Extra Large Filing Labels
These labels come with enough space to accommodate up to three lines of text and graphics, so you’ll have plenty of room to create multidimensional file descriptions.

- Avery Neon Labels
Capture attention with color. These labels are easy to identify, so important files stand out. Ideal for color-coding, identification/warning labels and more.