Putting Together a Binder
Four Neat Ways to Package Your Paperwork
Paperwork may hold useful information, but by themselves they flutter around, get misplaced, or become "lost" in a sea of other documents. So when you need to get your paperwork organized and presentable, there are no two office supplies that work better together than the combined power of dividers and binders.

Using dividers can help you whip paperwork in order so information is easier to navigate and access. With Avery Index Maker® Dividers, you can customize your tabs with free templates on avery.com. The clear labels virtually disappear when applied to the divider tabs, giving your dividers that professional-looking, "printed-on" appearance. Next, put it all together in a sturdy Avery Heavy-Duty Binder. Now your finished product not only looks great, it's kept in a package that's built tough and will stand up to frequent use.

Check out these four ways you can package your important paperwork:

1) Showcase your work for a job interview

You've landed the interview and got some samples of your work to share. But if you think your potential employer's going to sit there patiently while you shuffle through your stack of stuff, think again. Present your best work in a neat and orderly portfolio, organized with extra-durable Avery Index Maker® Translucent Clear Label Dividers. The sturdy plastic dividers plus clear tabs create a clean, contemporary look that helps you showcase your work in style.

TIP: Consider organizing your work by project, type or year. You may want to lead each section with your most impressive or relevant work up front, in case there's not enough time during the interview to go through your entire portfolio.

2) Get valuable information "ready to go" in case of an emergency

When disaster strikes and you need to evacuate your home or office immediately, be prepared with an emergency binder. Inside, keep all your important documents, priceless photos, cash and anything else you might need in the event you aren't able to return right away. Create customized tabs with multi-colored Avery Index Maker® Clear Label Dividers, and use the colorful tabs to categorize your information. For example, you might want to place your medical records behind the red tab, and your financial information behind the green tab.

TIP: What's a key element to a handy emergency binder? Finding information quickly. Add labels to the front and back of your tabs for easy referencing—that way, you'll be able to flip to the section you want right away, no matter where you start.

3) Capture your child's school year in a memory book

Binders and dividers are essential school supplies for your child's school year. But did you know you can also use them to create a keepsake your family will enjoy for years to come? Spotlight your children's special moments with a memory book filled with pictures, personal notes, artwork and stories, and organize by section with durable Avery Index Maker® Clear Label Dividers available in cool, fashionable colors.

TIP: Sprinkle in your own unique personality by customizing your tabs. Start with free templates on avery.com and personalize the labels for your tabs with favorite images, and enter text in different fonts and colors.

4) Put together training manuals in a snap

Need to make several manuals or presentations for the office? Creating several sets of dividers is easier than you think when you use Avery Index Maker® Clear Label Dividers. Just go online to avery.com and use our free Auto-Fill templates to format and customize your dividers. You can select the number of sets you wish to create, and add a business logo or text to customize your labels.

TIP: Avery offers Easy Apply™ Label Strips that save you time by helping you label all your tabs at once. Once you've printed your labels, just peel off the row of labels from the sheet, align them onto your tabs, and apply. You've just labeled an entire set of tabs in no time flat.