Clear Filing Labels on Yellow, Green and Blue Folders
A Clear Labeling Solution
Using colored file folders to organize your filing system can make finding files easy and putting them back almost mistake-proof. But are you covering the color of the folder tab with a plain white label? With clear filing labels, you can show off the true colors of all your files.

Avery Clear Filing Labels dramatically improve the look of your file folders, and also help make your filing system more efficient. When you’ve built a well-organized color-coded filing system, the last thing you want to do is cover up the colored tabs that help you identify your folders. These clear filing labels virtually disappear onto your files, so you don’t see the labels at all—just the type printed on the labels. And with free Avery Templates, it’s easy to design and print your labels right from your desktop.

Here are some additional filing tips to make your color-coded filing system work even better:

- When color-coding a large filing system, identify logical categories within your system and assign a color to each category.

- A color-coded filing system can easily be combined with other filing systems—alphabetical, numerical or chronological.

- If you have a filing system that’s used by many others, consider implementing a “library” system for your shared files. This way, anyone is able to remove a file, but only one designated file manager should re-file it—just like a librarian. Chances are, the file will always be returned to its proper spot when one person is in charge of maintaining the files.

Before you cover up another colored file folder with a white label, use Avery Clear Filing Labels instead. This labeling solution is the clear choice for a neat, color-coded filing system.