Holiday Gift Exchange Card Drawing

Create a Gift Exchange Drawing and Party Reminders

An employee gift exchange is a fun way to celebrate the holidays. Here’s an easy way to create a gift exchange drawing and send out reminder for your annual holiday party.

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Step 1: Get a Container

Instructions: Find a large bowl or container to use for the annual holiday gift exchange drawing.

Step 2: Find Gift Card Template

Instructions: Find and open a business card template to use for your gift cards.

Step 3: Personalize

Instructions: Add your own customized message and print on Avery Business Cards. If you already know the names of the participants, enter them in.

Step 4: Name Drawing

Instructions: Tear along perforations, write in each employee’s name and put in your large container. Pass the container around the office and have each employee draw a name.

Step 5: Party Reminder

Instructions: To make sure no one forgets the party date, use Avery Postcards and address labels to design a matching reminder to mail.

Step 6: Find Postcard Template

Instructions: Browse to find a Postcard Template.

Step 7: Personalize

Instructions: Type in your event title on the front and your details on the back. Import your company logo if you wish.

Step 8: Find Labels Template

Instructions: Browse to find a Labels Template.

Step 9: Enter Names and Addresses

Instructions: Type in each employee's name and address and print on Avery Mailing Labels.

Step 10: Apply Labels and Send Postcards

Instructions: Apply labels to postcards and send to each employee far in advance of the event so they remember to save the date.

Step 11: Helpful Hint

Instructions: To insert a photo or graphic, such as the company logo:
1. Open NEW document.
2. Select photo from file: Insert>Picture>From File, and click to insert.
3. Choose “Format Picture” icon. From the dialog box, select the “Layout” tab.
4. Click “In front of text” option.
5. Copy and paste your image into the brochure, and size it to fit. Your image will paste on top of any other graphic or text and allow you to move it and resize it if necessary.