Does Your Business Have an Identity Crisis?
Just because your company is a small business doesn’t mean it has to get lost in the crowd. Take a look at your stationery, mailing and shipping labels, and even your business cards. Is it easy to identify your company and line of business at a glance? If you feel your business materials look pretty generic and ordinary, it might be time to give your business identity a boost.

Establish a professional look

Having a clear and memorable identity makes your business look professional, especially if you run a home business or work in a small business. An iconic logo or image, a unique font or even colors can help build your business identity. Using your business identity consistently on all your business materials can help your customers easily recognize your company and distinguish it from competitors in a busy marketplace.

Use your identity on your business cards

You’ll want to incorporate your identity on all your business materials. A good place to start is with your business cards. With Avery Clean Edge® Business Cards, you can create your own professional-looking business cards without paying print shop prices or dealing with minimum order quantities. Avery Design & Print Online can help you design, personalize and print your cards in minutes. The easy-to-follow format shows you how to add your company logo and text. Best of all, you can access this free design program directly online, without having to download software.

Create matching stationery and labels

When you communicate with customers and clients, coordinate the look of all your materials. Add the company logo to your stationery, and carry that look to your envelopes. Your mail will stand out from the pile when it clearly displays your business identity on the envelope. It’s easy to give your envelopes a customized look using Avery Labels and the Avery Wizard software. The Avery Wizard shows you step-by-step instructions to create your own unique address and shipping labels by adding your company logo to Avery Easy Peel Address Labels and Avery Shipping Labels. Using your business identity on all your materials can help create a consistent message to your customers.

Add a signature touch to your presentations

With matching stationery, labels and business cards, it’s easy for your customers to identify your company on the spot. But why stop there? You can make your business stand out from the competition with proposals presented in custom-printed Avery Signature Binders that feature your company name and logo. Or you can even create a portfolio using an Avery Signature Binder that showcases your work to take to client meetings.

As you establish your business identity and your business grows, take steps to maintain that identity you’ve worked hard to build. Be consistent in its use throughout all your communication, sales and marketing materials. Make sure your business identity is clear and easy to read, and doesn’t appear skewed, cut off or blurry. You’ll also save time later by storing the templates you’ve used to create your business materials so they’ll be readily on hand when you need to use them in the future.