Thanksgiving Thank You Notes
Notes They'll Be Thankful For
Email, texting and voicemail are great for quick and informal messages. But are they really the right way to say “thank you”? Why not send personal messages your family and friends will really appreciate? You can create personalized invitations and notes you’ll be remembered for in minutes—right from your desktop. We have thousands of designs to choose from—including our new Fall Leaves and Acorns templates that are just perfect for the season.

Thanks for the memories

Cooking for a dinner party can take time—but putting together the invitations doesn't have to. With Avery Note Cards and free Avery Templates, you can have invitations in the mail faster than the time it takes to preheat the oven.

All you have to do is enter the party details and format the card to look the way you want. You can include your own graphics, photos and fonts or use one of our pre-designed templates as is. On the back of the invitation, you can add some text or a logo to let them know you made the invite just for them.

Wrap up the invitations with coordinated Avery Address Labels and Avery Return Address Labels, then seal your envelopes with matching Avery Round Labels to make them really look neat and complete.

Once your invitations are in the mail, check out What’s Cooking? Three Ways to Throw a Dinner Party for other helpful tips to make your party a big hit.

Thank you for being you

Thank you. They’re two simple words that can make anyone’s day. Think about all the people you see daily that deserve a “thank you”—from babysitters and teachers to family and friends who go the extra mile. Saying it is one thing—but nothing says “thank you” like a handwritten note—and one you’ve created just for them is even better.

Just select one of our thank you pre-designed templates, customize it if you want, and print. When composing your note, try to be light and witty, but don’t leave the important stuff out. If the person did a good deed or a special favor, make sure you mention it so they know you appreciated it.

And, don’t forget to send your thank you notes in a timely manner. For example, when someone gives you a birthday gift, it’s a good idea to thank them within a week or two. The sooner you can get the note in the mail, the better.

Thank you for your business

Sending a note of thanks to customers, especially during the holidays, is also a great way to promote your business. A personalized, handwritten note can even give you a big edge over the competition. That personal connection can lead to more business, referrals and long-term loyalty.

Like other notes, you want your thank you notes to stand out. Use one of our pre-designed templates that fits the occasion, then add your logo and contact information to the back. Leave the inside blank for writing thank you notes to current customers or introduction notes to prospective customers. They’ll be impressed with the personal touch and have something to refer to when they need your services.

Don’t forget to add your logo to a set of Avery Address Labels or Return Address Labels. Before mailing, throw in a business card or a coupon for a free gift or discount during their next visit. It’s easy and affordable to make your own professional-looking promotional cards and business cards right from your desktop using Avery Clean Edge® Business Cards.

No matter the reason or the season—when it’s time to send a thoughtful invite or note of appreciation, make it memorable with Avery.