Tax Time Organization
Three Ways to Be More Organized This Tax Season
It’s the start of a new year. A sense of optimism and renewal is in the air. But those pleasant feelings can fade away once those pesky reminders that tax season isn’t far away start to invade your mailbox – such as W-2, 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, and 1099-MISC forms.

While you can’t avoid tax season, you can make it less stressful through better organization. So, let’s look at some quick ways to do that.

1) Be kind to your eyes with clearly identifiable folders

It’s frustrating enough dealing with taxes. Don’t compound matters with folders that feature indistinguishable labels and indecipherable handwriting.

With bright, distinctive colors, Avery Removable File Folder Labels help your folders stand out, and make it easier to put your tax records and receipts into the correct folders. Clearly marked labels can speed the file-sorting process and promote accuracy.

Plus, it’s a snap to create easy-to-read labels with customized categories exactly the way you want them. Just use the free label templates available on Avery Design & Print Online. Then print, peel and stick.

Want to feel really organized? Color code the folders to keep related tax records together. For example, use green for banking and financial records and red for medical receipts.

2) Keep your mind on track with reusable calendars

On the way to April 15th, you’ll have some important dates or goals to keep in mind. These could include:
-  Deadlines to receive forms from employers and financial institutions
-  Personal deadlines for organizing or preparing tax paperwork
-  Meetings with your tax preparer
-  Filing for an extension
-  Signing and mailing your return

Avery Dry Erase Calendars are perfect for this. Just peel and stick this reusable calendar on any flat, clean surface. Then use Avery Dry Erase Markers to write down your tax-related dates. Afterward, simply erase your notes with a quick swipe – and enjoy a clean calendar month after month.

3) Snap your paperwork into place

Avery Heavy-Duty Binders are a home safety deposit box for all your tax paperwork. Organize information into categories with Avery Dividers. For small, loose items such as receipts, tuck them into three-hole punched Avery Sheet Protectors for safekeeping. For paperwork that needs your immediate attention, use the spacious pockets inside the cover to hold records, forms and notifications. Be sure to include the tax year into the spine holder for easy reference. And keep copies of your return in the binder, so you can refer to them next tax season.

Chances are you’ll never look forward to tax season. But you might be surprised at how a little more organization can make you feel less overwhelmed by the tax preparation process.