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Send Your Love with a Holiday Care Package
When you can’t be together with all the people you love at the holidays, show them you care the next best way. Put together a care package for the people you miss. Whether it’s kids in college, military personnel overseas, or family across the country, create a package that’s sure to bring a smile.

What to Send

Of course, what you include in your care package depends on the person you are sending it to, but here are some ideas to start you off.

Food gifts: We all love to eat. Send homemade cookies, a favorite kind of candy, energy bars, dried fruit or anything you know they’ll appreciate.

Things they miss: Whether your loved one is overseas, or in another part of the country, send them things they won’t find there. New England maple syrup for your sister living in Florida. Or Texas chili peppers for someone overseas.

Fun and games: We all love to be entertained, so whether it’s Frisbees, a deck of cards, hand held games, books, jigsaw puzzles, cd’s or movies, include something you think they’ll spark to.

Special mementos: Send recent photographs of family and friends from events your loved one has missed. Include a note on the back with a little anecdote to make them feel like they were there.

Pre-addressed postcards: As a thoughtful gesture, include some pre-addressed postcards so the recipient of your care package can easily correspond with you. It’s easy using Avery Postcards and the Avery Wizard software.

Personalized note card: No matter what else goes in your care package, be sure to include a personalized greeting or note card. You can easily create a special card using Avery Note Cards and Avery Design & Print Online.

Packing Tips

Select the right sized box for your package. Find a box that allows room for packing materials, but is not so oversized that the contents rattle around.

Protect the contents. You can use bubble wrap, old newspapers, or shredded paper for padding. Add enough of this material to make sure your items are cushioned and things won’t shift around when the box is shaken.

If you are including toiletries like perfume, or any other liquids, double bag the bottles in zip-lock plastic bags. That way, if something accidently breaks or spills, everything else in your care package won’t be ruined as well.

Include a label or sheet of paper with the delivery address and your return address inside the package as well. That way, if the unforeseen happens, and your package is somehow mangled, the post office will still be able to process it.

Shipping Tips to Avoid Delays

If you’re sending your care package overseas, check the destination country’s size and weight limitations.

Avoid long Post Office lines this time of year. Instead, ship your packages right from home. You can calculate and print official USPS postage right from your own PC at And right now, Avery customers can get a four-week free trial of services when you register. It’s like having your own personal Post Office open 24 hours a day. Just go to and register now.

Make sure your mailing address is clear and legible. Re-using boxes is fine, but it’s important to cover up or remove the old package markings and labels. So make sure you use Avery Shipping Labels with Trueblock Technology to label over those markings and old labels. They’re the only labels that completely cover everything underneath so there’s no chance of mistakes or confusion.