Spring Cleaning Slam Dunk
Make Spring Cleaning a Slam Dunk
Are you up for the challenge of spring cleaning? Tackling this task doesn’t have to be a huge chore. It’s time for you and your family to crackdown on clutter. All you need to do is shoot and score!

Get ready to play

The object is to get rid of what you don’t need and put your items into one of three boxes labeled “Trash,” “Recycle” or “Donate” to score points. And because you’re already organizing your clutter by category, you’ll save yourself the step of sorting through your items later. If you have plastic tubs which you plan to use year after year, consider labeling them with Avery I.D. Labels. Not only are these labels durable, they’re designed to stick and stay on almost any surface. Or if you plan to reuse old cardboard boxes, you can completely block out existing marks or cover up old labels using Avery Shipping Labels with TrueBlock Technology.

Before you start, determine how long you want to play the game. You might want to break up the time into two halves, with each half set at one hour. Then grab a timer with a buzzer to keep track of the minutes.

Time for the tip off

Now you’re ready to start. Here’s how you keep score: every time someone dunks an item into the trash box, they’ll earn one point. When an item makes it into the recycling box (and is qualified as recyclable), they’ll score two. For the three-point play, all they need to do is stuff an item they no longer need into the donation box. Those tube socks with holes? Trash them! What about those old magazines from 1996? Recycle them. And that blocky computer monitor you’ve replaced with a new flatscreen? That’s an item to definitely donate.

The half-time show

Need a timeout? Be sure to schedule regular breaks while you play. During halftime, you might want to make a fast break and empty out any boxes that are full into their respective locations, such as the trash or recycling bin.

Keeping score

Get into the spirit of the game by having each person create their own “team” name to represent themselves. Using a large poster board you can create a scoreboard so that everyone can mark and keep track of their points next to their name. Make sure the boxes are in a central location and easily accessible, and display the scoreboard near the boxes so everyone can see who’s in the lead. And don’t forget to give a prize to the winner that racks up the most points.

When you make it fun to clean up, it’ll be easy to get everyone involved. This year, make a sport of spring cleaning—and when your home is neat and tidy, everyone will feel like a champion.