Personalized DVDs
Is Your Movie Collection Ready for Its Closeup?
When you first began your movie collection, you knew what titles you had, and the movies were all in the same format. But then, despite your best intentions for a well-organized movie library, things began to slowly unravel. One day, you couldn’t find a certain title. Or perhaps the movie you’re looking for is only in VHS format, instead of DVD. Or maybe it’s a family video you just haven’t had time to label. And now, it’s no longer so easy to select your favorite film to watch.

Refresh your movie collection by keeping your favorite films on long-lasting DVDs, and reorganize them with Avery DVD Labels and Case Inserts. With free Avery Templates, it’s easy to create your own personalized DVD labels and case inserts. And once your DVDs are labeled and organized, you can quickly find the movie you’re looking for whenever you want to watch it.<

Additional DVD tips:

- Upgrade your collection of VHS movies to DVD, or transfer movies you have in your computer to a DVD format.

- After burning a DVD, fast-forward through it to check its performance quality before adding it to your library.

- For a unique gift idea, share DVD copies of your favorite home movies with friends and family, and add a personalized label and case insert to each one.

- Use DVDs to organize and store all your digital photos.

- Use one of your favorite photos as a background when creating your DVD labels and case inserts.

Whether you’re upgrading your movie collection to keep up with ever-changing technology, or sharing your DVDs with friends and family, give your DVDs a personalized touch with our DVD Labels and Case Inserts. Your newly organized movie collection is bound to be a big hit!