Homemade Goodies
Give the Gift of Homemade Goodness
Nothing shows family and friends how special they are like homemade goodies straight from your kitchen. To make your gift as sweet as what’s inside, add your own unique personalized label or tag to create a present they’ll not only enjoy, but one they’ll remember.

A Jar Full of Fun

Does everyone love your secret cookie recipe? Then what better gift than cookies in a jar? Make the gift even more personal with a customized Avery Printable Tag. Add fun colors and a personal message on one side and the baking instructions on the back. Then design and print a complementary Avery Round Label for the front of the jar, and add washi tape or ribbon to complete your look.

Hint: Choose a cookie or brownie recipe with lots of different ingredients so you get a lovely layered look in your jar. Make sure you put items like sugar and flour at the bottom so they don’t seep through the other layers.

Avery Printable Tag Gift Template
Avery Round Gift Label Template

Classy Cookies

Dress up your cookies with this easy-to-make packaging idea. Put your cookie in a wax paper or cellophane bag, and then customize an Avery Square Label with the recipient’s name, or you can add the type of cookie you’re gifting. Tie up the bag with some colored baker’s twine or ribbon for an extra special finishing touch.

Avery Square Gift Label Template

When One Just Isn’t Enough

Need to give a gift that keeps on giving? Then box a baker’s dozen and keep everyone smiling. After packaging your cookies in cellophane and sealing with your customized Avery Round Label, place them in a white baker’s box. Seal the box with a piece of pretty ribbon and your personalized Avery Oval Label for a perfect finish.

Avery Round Gift Label Template
Avery Oval Gift Label Template