Back to School
Get in Gear for the New School Year
It’s that time of year again when kids say goodbye to summer vacation and start getting ready for a new school year. Want to help your kids make an easy transition back to school? Check out these quick tips to get them excited about returning and help ease those first-day jitters:

Organize it—kick off the new school year with the right tools for success.
- With a custom-printed binder, kids can study in style. Create a full-color, photo-quality Avery Signature Binder online in minutes with photos and a design that’s all their own.
- Dividers make it easy for your kids to stay on top of their classes and busy schedules. You can easily customize the Table of Contents page for Avery Ready Index® Dividers to cover all their school subjects, clubs and extra-curricular activities.

Identify it—mark personal items before they get lost.
- Add identification labels to pens, calculator and other personal belongings that may be shared at school. Just add your child’s name to Avery White Easy Peel® Labels and apply the labels on their stuff.
- Label personal property such as books and binders with customized bookplates, so borrowed items can find their way back to their rightful owner.

Decorate it—brighten up school days with a little personal touch.
- Got some boring notebooks that need a little personal flair or a brown book cover that looks a little blah? Dress them up with Avery Shipping Labels with TrueBlock Technology. With Avery Design & Print Online, you can create personalized labels to attach to any cover. Add in the school subject, a photo, image of the school mascot, or even an inspirational quote to give your child a little extra motivation. And when they’re ready to update their look, simply cover up the old label with a new one. These labels are designed to completely cover everything underneath for a fresh, new look.
- Lockers may not be attractive on the outside, but there’s a way to make them spectacular on the inside. Create fun, fresh or funky designs, photo magnets or personal reminders with Avery Magnet Sheets.