Summer Camp
Four Ways to Make Your Kids’ Summer Camp Trip Unforgettable
Remember going away to summer camp? You got to learn new things, tell stories by the campfire and make new friends. Now it’s your kids’ turn to go (and a chance for you to take a kid-free break!). As you get your children packed up and ready to go, check out these neat little things you can do to make their summer camp experience extra memorable.
1) Tag clothing for easy identification

Here’s an easy way for kids to keep track of personal belongings away from home. These “property of” designs work with Avery Fabric Transfers and can be ironed onto their clothing or cloth bags. Just add their name, print them out, iron them on—and help them stay on top of what’s theirs.

Camp Identification Iron-on

  2) Mark personal items with personalized stickers

Get a bunch of kids together, and their things are bound to get mixed up. Make sure what’s theirs stays theirs by simply labeling their books, maps and other items they plan to take with them. Cute, colorful, and hard to miss, these removable stickers can be personalized with each child’s name, printed on Avery Round Labels and affixed to surfaces.

Campfire Round Labels
Pup Tent Round Labels
Trailer Round Labels

3) Put together postcard kits so it’s easier to write home

Dear mom and dad – send more socks! Want your kids to stay in touch while away at camp? Create a pack of self-addressed, pre-stamped note cards they can take with them.  All they have to do is write their messages back home and pop in the mail.

Campfire Address Labels
 |   Campfire Shipping Labels
Pup Tent Address Labels   |   Pup Tent Shipping Labels
Trailer Address Labels   |   Trailer Shipping Labels

  4) Let them capture thoughts in a journal

Some kids like to write. Some prefer to draw. Either way, your children will have a place to jot their thoughts, observations and discoveries in this neat, durable mini binder from Avery. Personalize the journal with a binder cover and spine customized with details such as their name, camp name, photos, and graphics.

Campfire Binder Cover and Spine
Pup Tent Binder Cover and Spine
Trailer Binder Cover and Spine

These thoughtful extras can keep your children organized away from home, and also let them know you’re thinking of them. And with these little touches, you can help make their summer camp experience something they’ll always remember.