Home Improvements
Five Ways to Improve Your Home
Your next bright home improvement idea can strike at any moment. It could be the color of the sky that inspires you to paint your bathroom in that perfect shade, or an arrangement of vegetables on a plate that makes you want to change your living room layout.

But ideas can come and go, and a wish list can quickly float away—unless you capture them in a home projects binder. A sturdy and functional binder such as the Avery Heavy-Duty Binder can make a perfect launching pad for all your project dreams. Store everything from inspiring images torn out from your favorite design magazines to step-by-step do-it-yourself projects you find online. You can organize multiple projects with easy-to-read tabs made with Avery Durable Ready Index Dividers. What projects will be on your list? Here are five ways to start improving your home:

Getting ready to make big changes to your home? Now you can put organization under your tool belt. Use your home projects binder to keep track of estimates from different contractors so you can review and compare prices, building materials and forecasted completion dates.

Store your favorite paint colors, fabric swatches, furniture ideas and more. Sketch out a design, or layout of your floor plan. Make your dream home a reality as you get closer and closer to making it all come true.

Rose beds or rhododendrons? Plans for a patio or pet area? Keep your “before, during and after” pictures of your yard in your binder and see your vision spring to life. Who knew the grass looked so green from your side of the fence?

Did you know the petunia comes from the same family of plants as the tomato and potato? It’s easy to keep track of your plant families and all your planting projects with this handy organizer. Plan your planting schedules, store seed packets and sort photographs of your prize-winning flowers in this portable planner.

When was the last time you changed your air filters, checked the smoke alarm batteries or did a clean sweep of your fireplace? You’ll never have to wonder again. The home projects binder is the perfect place to keep tabs on all your home improvement and maintenance projects and schedules—and also a nifty place to store all your appliance and equipment manuals and warranties.

Everything has a home—even your wish list. With a home projects binder, you can keep all your great thoughts together in one place. And when you’re ready to move into action, your inspiration and ideas will be ready and waiting for you.