Summer Book Swap
Dive Into Summer with a Book Swap
Looking for some summer reading entertainment without having to shell out the bucks? Hold a book swap party and invite your friends and family to bring their favorite fiction or non-fiction reads to share. The more books they bring to the party, the more “new” books they’ll be able to take home for free! Before you know it, the book swap party can turn into a recurring event everyone will look forward to, and can take turns hosting.

Check out these fun gifts you can make for your book swap party:

Personalized Bookplates
What’s yours is mine—unless you identify the books and movies that belong in your library with bookplates. Follow this easy step-by-step project or download these templates to mark your children’s books, books from your personal library or office, and even school classroom books.

Book Club Tote Bag
Light reading is for amateurs. That's why serious readers need a bag to carry their heavy reading material. Here’s how you can make your own personalized book bag to hold all your favorite reads.