Create a Care Package for Students Away from Home

New teachers, courses and classmates—they’re all part of going back to school. But for some students, going to school also means leaving home for college or boarding school. Whether your children are near or far, surprise them with a personalized care package to let them know you’re thinking of them when they’re away from home. Show your support and get them motivated with these fun care package ideas.

Super snacks for study breaks
Late study nights call for extra fuel for the brain. Help your kid make smart choices by popping smarter snacks into their package:
- Trail mix is ready to eat, and travels well in their backpack.
- Baked snacks, such as vegetable chips, which are healthier than fried snacks. Even better - 100-calorie baked snack packs.
- Low-calorie energy bars, another portable and storable snack.

Creature comforts
After a long, stressful day of classes and quizzes, a box of goodies from home makes it easier for students to unwind and refresh.
- Games and movies. Card games or brain-teasing 3-D puzzles help keep those synapses firing. And for a much-needed study break, include a couple of DVDs and some popcorn.
- Cozy blanket. Pamper them with a soft, inviting blanket to curl up with at night. Bonus points for throwing in socks in their school’s colors.
- Personal items. They won’t miss them until they’re gone—so help them stock up on items they’ll always use, such as deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste, floss and a roll of quarters for the laundry machine.

Tools for better learning
School supplies don’t have to be boring. In fact, some school tools can even be kinda cool!
- Label personal belongings with Avery I.D. Labels. Use them to create personalized bookplates to identify textbooks, notebooks and other property.
- Create a calendar to keep track of activities with Avery Magnet Sheets. Kick off the school year with these nifty calendars and activity magnets.
- Write on! Send an assortment of Avery HI-LITERS®, pens and markers so they can capture all those brilliant ideas.

Ready to ship the contents of your personalized care package in style? With bright, white Avery Shipping Labels with TrueBlock™ Technology, you can reuse an old cardboard box by using the labels to cover up handwriting or old labels underneath.Your shipping information will be clearly visible and your box will look practically new again. Your child will be enjoying his care package before you know it!