Garage Sale
Cash In on Clutter with a Yard Sale
Finished your spring cleaning and still aren’t happy with the results? Maybe it’s time to do something about that clutter you just dusted off and shuffled from one end of the house to the other. Having a garage or yard sale is a great opportunity to get rid of your functional junk, clothes that don’t fit anymore, and those old record albums collecting dust in your garage. Here are some tips on how you can unload some of your unwanted stuff and put some cash into your pocket.

Join forces with friends and neighbors

Make it a neighborhood event by inviting your neighbors, family and friends to participate in a block super sale. Once you’ve all agreed upon a date for the sale and gotten the thumbs up (or a permit) from the powers that be such as your homeowner’s association or city, it’s time to get the word out about your event with eye-catching signs on bright posterboard. With multiple households hosting a yard sale together, you can share the advertising costs and the signage workload.

Attract attention to your deals

Be sure the prices on your items are clearly visible. That’s what’s so appealing about Avery Neon Removable Pre-Printed Garage Sale Labels. If your unbelievable prices don’t catch the customers’ eyes, these bright neon round labels will. Each pack includes pre-printed prices ranging from 10 cents to $20 and additional blank labels so you can specify your own price. And because the labels are removable, you can easily change the label when you want to change the price or remove completely when the item is sold.

To run an organized community sale, color-coded dots can help identify which item is being sold by which household. Before the sale begins, assign a color to each household with Assorted Pastel Removable Garage Sale Labels, and attach the colored dots onto each respective household’s items. These handy labels come in assorted bright colors and can be peeled off cleanly after the sale.

Get ready for your customers

Create a shopping environment that’s easy to walk through and navigate. That means putting away that tangled garden hose and steering customers clear of those perilous sprinklers. Place items on blankets or easy-to-access tables, and create categories with Avery Tent Cards so people can scan your yard sale quickly and find what they’re looking for, whether it’s “children’s clothing,” “vintage jewelry,” or even the cashier’s table. Another idea is to have everyone participating in the yard sale wear a name tag made with Avery Name Badges so shoppers can quickly and easily identify who the sellers are.

If you’re selling electronics, have batteries and an extension cord ready so customers can make sure the item works before they purchase. For easy checkout, bring a calculator and have extra change available so you can break bills. Be sure to keep newspapers and bags handy to wrap up purchases. And to take advantage of all the early bird shoppers, make sure you’re ready to start your sale early in the morning. With a little planning and preparation, you can make your yard sale a success—and the talk of the town!