Valentine's Day Stuffed Animal

Turn a Stuffed Toy into a Personalized Gift

Who can resist the soft cuddliness of a stuffed toy gift? To make it more personal, create a custom t-shirt for the toy with your own special message. Whether it's for a baby shower, graduation, or Valentine's Day, you'll have a unique gift that's unlike any other.

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Step 1: Collect Supplies and Tools

Instructions: You'll need the following:

- Avery Light T-Shirt Transfers
- Small stuffed animal
- White baby t-shirt
- Scissors
- Iron

Step 2: Create Your Design

Instructions: Go to Avery Design & Print Online and enter your fabric transfer product number. Select a design template, or choose a blank template and add your own graphic from your computer. Add a text box and type in your message.

Step 3: Flip Your Image

Instructions: Flip or reverse image for ironing.

Step 4: Print and Cut Out

Instructions: Print the reversed image onto the Avery Light T-shirt Transfer. Cut out the printed the design with scissors.

Step 5: Iron

Instructions: Following the ironing directions on the Avery Light T-shirt Transfers package, iron the image onto the baby t-shirt. View Demo