Little Girl Surrounded by Pumpkin Faces

Making Faces with Your Pumpkin

Gather the kids for some fun pumpkin-decorating time! No carving knife required—just mix and match these cartoon features to give your pumpkin a little personality.

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Step 1: Open Pumpkin Features Template

Instructions: Click to open the pumpkin features template. Each set includes features to create one to two different faces. Or, print them all and mix and match!

Spider Pumpkin Set
Kitty Pumpkin & Friendly Pumpkin Set
Boo Pumpkin & Gloomy Pumpkin Set
Batty Pumpkin Set
Happy Pumpkin Set
Happy Times Pumpkin

Step 2: Print

Instructions: Print the templates on Avery Full-Sheet Shipping Labels using a color printer.
Kitty Pumpkin

Step 3: Cut Out

Instructions: Carefully cut out the pieces from the sheet with a pair of scissors.
Batty Pumpkin

Step 4: Decorate

Instructions: The cut outs are ready to be attached to your pumpkins! Your family can get creative and give each pumpkin its own unique look—add embellishments such as pipe cleaners for whiskers, or attach yarn or straw to create hair or a wig. Throw a hat on your pumpkin for extra character. Have fun decorating your pumpkin the safe and easy way!
Spider Pumpkin