Halloween Candy

Haunting Stickers for Your Halloween Treats

How do you change the mood from bright and sunny to dark and mysterious in an instant? Just use these spine-tingling stickers to decorate goodie bags, party favors, and Halloween treat packages. These labels are easy to customize, too. Just mix and match different images and backgrounds, and add text to fit your liking—it’s enough to give you the shivers!

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Step 1: Open Label Template

Step 2: Personalize Your Labels

Instructions: Keep the current design, or design your own. To change the design, just click and delete the existing graphic or background you want to change, then select a graphic or background of your choice from the image gallery or your own files.

To create unique labels on the same sheet, use the sheet navigator on the right-hand side. Click the “Apply to One” radial button and enter text for each label.

To create a sheet of labels with the same look, use the sheet navigator on the right-hand side. Click the “Apply to All” radial button and enter your information one time.

Step 3: Preview & Print

Instructions: Click “Preview & Print” to review your design. To make adjustments, just click the “Back” button in the upper-right-hand corner. When your design is ready to go, just click the green “Print” button.

Step 4: Save

Instructions: To save your design, click the “Save” button. In the pop-up window, create a file name and save to either your “MyAvery Online Account” or your computer.

Step 5: Stick Away!

Instructions: Stick the labels onto goodie bags, boxes, or other gift containers. Or place two labels back-to-back with a toothpick in the middle for neat cupcake decorations.