Holiday Gift
Shop, Wrap and Ship: Last-Minute Holiday Tips

It’s the home stretch to the holidays—you’re almost there! Just enough time to fit in some last-minute shopping, gift-wrapping and shipping. Count on these quick little tips that are sure to pack a big punch, and help you get ready for the events of the season.

Secrets to better gift wrapping

- Custom-size your gift labels—Most gift labels come in a standard size per pack.
But depending on the size of your gifts, some labels may seem too small, while others too large. To create labels that fit just right, customize it with Avery Labels and holiday templates using the Avery Wizard Software. You’ll find Avery Address and Shipping Labels from as small as ½” x 1-3/4” to as large as 8-1/2” x 11”.

- Make wrapping a cinch—Jars, pottery and other unusually shaped gifts can be difficult to wrap up neatly. Instead, bundle each object up in large sheets of tissue paper and tinted cellophane. Cinch the top with an elegant bow and add an Avery Clean Edge® Business Card personalized with the Avery Wizard Software to create a gift tag that shows who the gift is “to” and “from.”

For all your special deliveries

- Cut down on trips to the Post Office™—Save time and money with the Desktop Postal Center. If you’re shipping more than 3 packages a month, this service is for you. Find out about a special offer valued at $100!

- Give new life to old shipping boxesAvery Shipping Labels with TrueBlock® Technology make it easy to reuse old boxes again and again. Labels cover up what’s underneath, so you don’t have to cross out distracting marks or scrape off old labels.

Taking care of your to-do list during the holidays is a tremendous task. How did you do? Did you check off all (or most) of the items on your list? Now it’s time to take care of that final item—for you to enjoy the spirit of the season!