Holiday Cookie Tins
Holidays Made Happier—Relish the Moments, Relinquish the Stress
Now more than ever, you want the holiday season to be special; to shed the woes and stresses of the year and savor times with your friends and family. If you’re at a loss on how to reach your fantasy of a peaceful and memorable time, check out these simple ideas for unforgettable gifts, festive decorating, and activities to keep the kids occupied. Read on to get yourself into the holiday spirit.

Easy and awesome ideas for presents

Forget about pounding the pavement for the perfect gift. Whether you’re creating homemade goodies, handcrafting a special gift, or delivering a purchased present, Avery can help you sprinkle in a little personal touch to any gift you give.

- Affordable gifts can be created in your own kitchen with a little ingenuity. Food is the great uniter. Who doesn’t eat? Spend an afternoon baking up a storm—cookies, muffins, jams or homemade granola make great choices. The key to these homemade gifts is in the packaging. Placing cookies in a reusable box or tin expands the gift with something they can use again. Feeling über-crafty? Recycle oatmeal drums by covering them with festive holiday wrapping paper and tuck an assortment of your treats inside. Jars of jams and jellies stand proud with a bow or ribbon tied to them. And for the finishing touch, create the perfect holiday seal using Avery Oval Labels, Avery Round Labels (in white glossy or brown Kraft), or Avery Square Labels. All of these festive flourishes can be easily personalized with a holiday design, personal photo, and text using the free Avery Design & Print Online program.    

- Maybe you were even loftier in your present making, and knitted a sweater or crafted an ornament with your bare hands. To make your handmade treasures all the merrier, tie on Avery Printable Tags with Strings. These tags are equally classy on store-bought or homemade items. Just personalize, print, and attach them to your gifts for an impressive look to your bundles of holiday cheer.

- Perhaps you’re besieged this season and prefer to buy presents instead of pulling crafting all-nighters. At Avery, we don’t judge. If you’re limited on time, try re-packaging a purchased gift and make it your own. Wine bottles can be the hit of the season using Avery Shipping Labels with TrueBlock® Technology.Personalize with a cheerful salutation and the recipient’s name on the label using Avery Design & Print Online. Then place the label over the wine bottle label. Don’t worry—with TrueBlock® Technology, the label will completely cover up the existing label so it won’t show through. This little re-packaging trick can be done on almost anything. Experiment with bath salts or loofahs for a spa-themed gift, or store-bought gourmet items for the “foodies” in your friend circle.

Once you’ve decided on the design, you can carry it through to your mailing and shipping labels, too. How’s that for coordinated style? Gift receivers will be pleased as punch with the thought you put into the present, and they’ll have no idea how easy it was.

Holidays at the homestead—indulge your urge to decorate

Looking for new ways to infuse your home with the holiday spirit? Try these decorating tips for the holidays.

- Avery Window Signage can be used to create signs and decorations that add unconventional holiday flair. Try fun messages like “Reindeer Crossing” or “Santa Welcome!” for a cheerful seasonal splash. Creating a countdown calendar would be cool for the kids; they can cross off each day leading up to Christmas. And a personalized welcome sign would be perfect for a relative visiting from out of town.

- Tie Avery Printable Gift Tags to your kids’ stockings. Their eyes will light up when they see their name on the stocking, and you’ll avoid confusion when it comes time to claim prizes on Christmas morning.

Car rides and kids—Avery offers the antidote to “Are we there yet?”

Once the letters are sent to Santa, the gifts are wrapped and the house bedazzled with decorations, it’s time to visit family. Do you dread the drive over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house? Keep the kids occupied and satisfied with engaging games like these:

- Here’s the classic “I Spy” game, with a twist. Print out Avery White Removable Print or Write Labels with images of what they might see during the drive. Every time your child spots something from their sticker sheet, they can stick the corresponding label on a sheet of paper and count up who had the most sightings at the end of the drive. Possible themes include road signs (no U-turn, Stop, and construction zone), or vehicles (bus, tractor, fire engine).

- The state license plates game. Make colorful labels of the states (Arizona with a cactus, Nebraska with a cornstalk, Florida with an alligator) and have the children peel them off and attach to their clothing each time they spot the coordinating license plate on the road.

- Want to get extra crafty? Construct bingo cards using the designs listed above in rows/columns of 3, 4, or 5 designs.  Mix up the layout of the designs for each card, and let the kids see who gets “bingo” first!

Get the most out of holiday cheer this year; corral the kids, gussy up the home and give creative presents, well presented. And most importantly, don’t be so hard on yourself. This time comes once a year and you’ve earned the right to revel in the magic. New holiday traditions might even spring forth from these ideas. Feel free to dream and scheme over a glass of eggnog. And happy holidays from Avery!