Four Ways to Show Your Appreciation

How do you plan to show some love on Valentine's Day, or any other day for that matter? It only takes a moment to let someone know how much they mean to you. Check out these four heartwarming ways to create a personal token of your appreciation to those special to you.

Falling for love coupons
A coupon for a car wash, another for breakfast in bed… these love coupons are as much fun to give as they are to get! Customize the coupons with your own personalized "offers", using free Avery Design & Print. Then print on durable Avery Clean Edge® Business Cards. Stack the cards and wrap with a ribbon, or place your coupons in plastic cardholders (such as the ones used by florists) and tuck them into a floral bouquet.

Say it with sweet treats
These candy bars will look like they came from your own sweets factory. Create personalized wrappers with Design & Print and Avery Shipping Labels, then wrap the labels around your candy bars and pass out the treats. These labels completely cover up everything, so the original wrapper underneath won’t show through.

Win your customers’ hearts
Keeping your loyal customers happy is the key to your company’s success. You’ll be on your customers’ minds when they receive a thoughtful gift from you. Send samples of your company’s latest products or mail special promotional coupons which they can redeem at your place of business. To give your mailing a buttoned-up appearance, add your business logo to Avery Address Labels.

Want to show others how much you care? Looking to improve your relationships with others? Or just want to score some brownie points with someone you know? This Valentine’s Day—or any day of the year—see how a simple gesture of appreciation can make a favorable impression on the people in your life.