Luau/Tiki Party
Create Your Own Summer Holiday Fun
When summertime hits, it feels like one big holiday. The days last longer, the kids are out of school, and typically the weather is a little more favorable for getting out.

But high gas prices and rising consumer costs may have you thinking twice about traveling on a family vacation. This year, instead of heading out consider celebrating closer to home by hosting a fun summer party. Take a look at these party ideas and planning tips to help you put it all together, whether you’re throwing that big Labor Day family barbecue or a small outdoor midsummer get-together with friends.

Pick a Fun Theme

To help you choose a theme, decide what your party will center around. It could be a Hawaiian luau, beach picnic and bonfire, or even just a night of wine tasting under the stars. Once you select a theme, you can create coordinated items for the party and include images that relate to your theme.

Create Your Invitations

The fun really starts when you create your invitations. It’s easy to do with Avery Note Cards and free Avery Templates. Just download a free template, enter the party information, include fun images and print. To plan ahead, you might want to also create your thank you notes at this time, carrying your selected party theme into the design.

Want to build up the excitement? Make your own save-the-date magnets and include one with each of your invitations. Avery Magnet Sheets make it easy to create your own personalized magnets in any shape you want. Use images that match your theme, and add the date of the party to help remind your invitees of the big event.

Design Your Party Decorations

With Avery Sign Sheets, it only takes a few minutes to put together your own banners, posters and ground stake signs for your party. The specially designed adhesive sign sheets overlap, making them easy to align so you can create a large sign with a virtually seamless look. And sign sheets can be used for more than just decorating. Use them to direct and point your guests toward the party spot, or to mark the party location at a park or beach.

Make Your Party Favors

Summer parties and other special occasions call for special party favors. You can create a fun and unique keepsake for your guests by turning an ordinary t-shirt into a personalized gift with Avery T-Shirt Transfers. And our T-Shirt Transfers are perfect not just for t-shirts and sweatshirts, but for canvas bags, pillow cases, mouse pads and more.

Capture the Good Times

Get your camera ready to take all those photos at your party. If you’re throwing a pool party, you might want to take some fun before-and-after shots of your guests. Having a watermelon eating contest? Be sure to get those pics! Make sure to take a photo of each of your guests, whether it’s posed or candid. After the party, include their snapshot when you mail out your thank you notes.

From the Fourth of July to Labor Day, and all those days in between, summer’s the perfect time for celebration. With your creativity and Avery products, you can plan a memorable event that’s fun to put together and also easy on the wallet.