Get Attracted to Magnetic Paper Dolls

You and the kids won’t be able to resist making your own personalized magnetic mini-me. They make great party favors for kids or a whimsical little stocking stuffer. Have fun dressing up the doll with these outfits, or create your own!

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Step 1: Open Paper Doll Template

Instructions: Open the template for the magnetic paper doll.

Choose from:
Ballerina template
Snowman template
Reindeer/Gingerbread Man template

Or print them all!

Step 2: Print

Instructions: Print the paper doll template onto an Avery Magnet Sheet.

Step 3: Cut Out the Doll

Instructions: Cut out the paper doll templates, carefully cutting out and removing the area where the head will be.

Step 4: Find a Picture

Instructions: Print out a digital photo or choose a photo from your own personal collection. Carefully cut out the head of your kids, relatives, friends or even the family pet!

Step 5: Add Your Photo

Instructions: Anchor your personal head photo with the magnetic doll and place it on your refrigerator or any other metal surface.