Create Lasting Memories with a Scrapbook
Memories can fade. Details can be forgotten. And thoughts can be buried in
the deep recesses of your mind. But not if you’ve preserved them in a scrapbook!

When you create a scrapbook, you can capture your treasured memories and tell a story in your own unique and creative way. It functions as a photo album, journal and keepsake box, all in one. Best of all, you don’t need a lot of fancy equipment or be an expert to make one yourself. Here are a few basic guidelines:

Pick Your Theme

To start, focus on a theme. Popular themes include family history, vacations, children, and events such as birthdays, holidays and weddings. Once you have a theme, you can also create your scrapbook title.

Gather Your Tools and Supplies

It’s easy to create a scrapbook with just a few basic tools and supplies.

- Avery Signature Binder to hold your pages
- Scrapbook pages
- Scissors
- Adhesives, such as Avery Glue Stic
- Avery Printable Tags
- Details such as ribbon and decorative paper
- Actual photos, or images printed on Avery Sticker Paper
- Other personal mementos

Keep your tools and supplies organized in boxes, and label them with Avery I.D. Labels. When you know what’s inside each box, it makes it easier to find what you need.

Organize Your Elements

Collect items such as photos, written thoughts, ribbons and stickers that you’ll use to personalize your pages. Free Avery Templates can help you create your own design elements using Avery Sticker Paper. You may also want to include personal tokens that relate to the event. Ticket stubs, pressed flowers and postcards are just some ideas of items you can add to your pages.

When you’ve collected your items, organize them in a way that helps tell your special story.

Put It Together

Create a quick layout before you attach the elements onto each page. Once you know how your want the page to look, fasten the items to the page with adhesives, such as Avery Glue Stic. Be sure to use acid-free and lignin-free products like Avery Sticker Paper so your photos and memorabilia can stay as well-preserved as possible.

Now you’ve got the fundamentals to put together your own scrapbook. You’ll soon discover scrapbooking is not only an enjoyable hobby; it’s a way for you to create a lasting memory for generations to come. Be creative and let the fun begin!