Antique Greeting Card

Antique Greeting Card

Create your own vintage greeting card.

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Step 1: Collect Supplies and Tools

Instructions: You'll need the following:

- Avery Textured Half-Fold Cards (3378™ or 53210™)
- Avery Scrapbooking Clip Art – Vintage Clip Art
- Fiskars® Oval Cutter
- Glitter
- Glue

Step 2: Open Template

Instructions: Using your favorite software, open the Avery portrait template for half-fold cards.

Step 3: Insert Image

Instructions: Insert the vintage clip art of your choice on the front of the card and enter your text around the image.

Step 4: Save Two Copies

Instructions: Save two identical copies, one titled “Front card” and the other titled “Inside card.”

Step 5: Personalize

Instructions: For the “Inside card” copy, revise the text you wish to appear on the inside of the card. Keep the clip art image in the same location.

Step 6: Print

Instructions: Print the “Front card” onto the Avery Textured Half-Fold Card. Run the card through the printer to print “Inside card.”

Step 7: Cut Out

Instructions: Cut out the clip art image from the front of the card with Fiskars® Oval Cutter so that the image inside of the card shows through the cut out.

Step 8: Decorate

Instructions: Embellish the front and inside of the card with glitter around the oval.