Avery® Top Tab Durable Write-On Dividers 16173, 9" x 11", 5-Tab Set

Product Number: 16173
Right the wrongs of disorganization with these Top Tab Durable Write-On Dividers. The stylish tab design offers plenty of room for you to label each divider for reference at a glance. Using your ballpoint pen or pencil, you can customize your dividers easily. To reuse, simply erase your previous label and write in the new one. The dividers are constructed of durable plastic for colorful organization that lasts. With these dividers as part of your organizational arsenal, you've turned over a whole new leaf.
  • Tabs on top provide 3 ways to divide. Subdivide by using with other dividers, or divide content using tabs on top, or use these dividers in landscape
  • Simply write, erase and reuse
  • Assorted colors assist in quick reference
  • Three-hole punched and ready for use
  • Write-on tabs offer quick and easy customization using a ballpoint pen or pencil

Price: $4.05

Product Description:
  • Handwrite Only
  • 5 Tabs or Sheets per Set
  • 8-1/2" x 11"
  • Multicolor
  • 3-Hole Punched

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