How to Format an Avery Template in Avery Wizard Software for Microsoft Office
How to Format an Avery Template in Avery Wizard Software for Microsoft® Office

Once you have selected a pre-designed template for your project, highlight the placeholder of text and replace with your information. If you select a blank template, simply enter your information.

Highlight your text and format using the formatting tools. The formatting tools in the Avery Wizard work the same as the formatting tools in Microsoft Word. You can choose font selections and size, bold, italics, underline, and text alignment. Click Next when you are finished formatting.

To format the pre-designed template graphic, select the image and click the Picture Tools tab at the top of the Avery Wizard screen. You can change the brightness of the image, add borders, shadows and more.

To change the pre-designed template graphic, or insert your own graphic in a blank pre-designed template, click the Insert Clip Art icon  on the Avery Wizard Formatting tab. Select a graphic from your computer files and click Insert.

How to add a page to your label sheet:

1. Once you have completed entering and formatting your information in a label sheet, click Next. Then click the Finish button. This will create a new Microsoft Word document with all your information on the labels.

2. Position your cursor on the outside of the last label on the bottom right of the page and press the Enter key on the keyboard.

How to design the back side of a two-sided Avery product:

1. To design the back side of a two-sided Avery product, you will need to re-launch the Avery Wizard from Microsoft Word, open the same template and save it as a separate project.

At any point, click the Help button in the program for more instructions.