Avery DesignPro for Mac
How to Format a Template in Avery DesignPro® for Mac®

Once you have chosen your pre-designed template, click the text to select the text box. Highlight the text and enter your own information. Use the Tools on the left side to format your text - change font, font size, font style, alignment, text color and more.

To add a text box, click the Text icon at the top and enter your information in your project. To create circular text, click the Circular Text icon at the top and enter your information in the Enter text field on the left side toolbar. You can easily move text boxes by selecting the text box and dragging it to the desired position.

To format an existing image, click the graphic in the pre-designed template and use the Opacity tool in the left toolbar to increase or decrease the opacity level of the graphic. You can easily move an image by selecting the image and dragging it to the desired position.

To replace the existing graphic in the pre-designed template, select the graphic and click Gallery in the left toolbar. The Clip Art window will open offering three ways to replace your graphic. Select from the hundreds of images in the DesignPro Clip Art gallery, or select the iPhoto tab to choose an image or graphic from the files in your iPhoto gallery. The file must be in a format supported by Avery DesignPro Mac (BMP, TIF, JPG, PNG, PCT, GIF). Or select a previously saved design from the Snapshot Gallery tab. Click the Insert button to insert the image in your project.

To add an image, click the Image icon at the top and use the Clip Art window to insert an image. You can also add shapes by clicking the Shapes icon at the top. Click the Background icon at the top to format the background of your project. Use the tools on the left side to change the background color, gradient and opacity.

At any point, click the Help button in the program for more instructions.