Avery Design & Print is a free, easy-to-use tool for customizing all your Avery products. See how simple it is to open, edit and save your design projects.

All Avery Design & Print files end with .avery. Example: mylabel.avery


To open a .avery file, click Choose File below and locate it on your PC or Mac® or open a Saved Project from your MyAvery Account.

Open Project Instructions
  1. Click Choose File to locate and select a previously saved .avery project or DesignPro .zdl file on your computer.
  2. Click the button to open the selected project or click Cancel to discontinue opening the project.
Project must be 10MB or smaller.
DesignPro files may need adjustments.


Your project will open in the Customize screen of Avery Design & Print Online, where you can add or edit text and images.

Watch the short demo below for a quick overview.


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labeled superhero cupcakes


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wedding invites


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labeled baby shower treats

Baby Showers

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fancy diner place mark

Mothers Day

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labeled gift bag for dad

Fathers Day

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labeled Bags of Candy


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thanksgiving table seating cards


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small labeled gifts


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