Basic Formatting and Printing Tips
  • Customize the Avery template for your product using one of Avery's template or software tools. For the best way to print your Avery products, use Avery Design & Print Online.
  • Adjust printer settings to optimize print quality. For example, choose the Labels setting if printing labels, or choose the Cards setting if printing cards. Choose Photo Quality for optimum printing results.
  • Always test print on a plain sheet of paper. Hold the printed sheet behind the Avery product to check the alignment of your layout. Slight adjustments to the layout may be necessary. If the entire sheet is slightly misaligned, adjust the top and/or left margins slightly if your program has this feature. When satisfied with the layout, print onto the Avery product.
  • Make sure that “Fit to Page” is NOT checked before printing your PDF. If "Fit to Page" is checked, your printing won't be actual size and won't align properly.
  • When printing label products, do not feed labels through your printer more than once. The Avery satisfaction guarantee extends only to a sheet of labels that has been fed through a printer a single time.
  • Use only Avery brand products for guaranteed results.